Frieda Haddad
Author/ Writer/Theologian/Educator/Social Worker
Beirut, Lebanon


I embarked on my academic journey at the Lebanese American University, where I pursued my undergraduate training in Social Work. My thirst for knowledge led me to further my studies at AUB, where I earned a Master’s degree in Philosophy. My thesis, “Metaphysical Abstraction in the Works of Jacques Maritain,” allowed me to delve deep into the philosophical works of Maritain.

My academic pursuits didn’t stop there. I moved on to Geneva University, where I completed my DEA in Ecumenical Studies. My thesis, “Theology and Parish Structure: a case study of the Parish of Bienne-Ville,” provided me with a unique perspective on parish structures.

I then ventured to the University of Edinburgh, where I earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Community Development and Youth Studies. My thesis, “Social Welfare in Lebanon between the Private and the Public Sectors,” allowed me to explore the dynamics of social welfare in Lebanon.

In addition to my academic qualifications, I also hold a UN Certificate in Simultaneous Translation from Arabic to English and French, which I obtained from the UN Headquarters in New York.

My professional journey is as diverse as my academic background. I started as an Instructor at the Social Services Training Center and later became its Director. I then served as a Consultant in Social Services and Assistant Program Officer with UNICEF’s Area Office in Beirut. In this role, I was responsible for Social Services Training Programs in Syria, Jordan, Iraq, The Yemen Federal Republic, Egypt, and Morocco.

I also served as the Director of Orthodox Relief Service at the Greek Orthodox Archbishopric of Mount Lebanon. During this time, I was also the Editor of the Archbishopric’s Publications and coordinated manpower training programs at the parish level. Additionally, I lectured in Pastoral Theology and Religious Education at the Institute of Saint John the Damascene.

Later on, I became a Lecturer in Social Work and Sociology at the Lebanese American University. From 1990 to 2011, I served as a Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Sociology at Haigazian University and coordinated their Social Work Education Program. After retiring in June 2018, I continued as a part-time lecturer.

Throughout my career, I have contributed significantly to my field through numerous publications. These include several books and many articles published in international journals on Social Work, Community Development, and Pastoral Theology. My latest publication is “Rocks and Sand,” which explores life, people, and war years in the village of Abey. Currently, I am working on a book titled “Outside the City Gate,” which offers a patristic interpretation of the Arabic Protestant Hymnary published in 1885.

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